Get a Lift towards Comfort & Safety

A Bruno® Stairlift is a safe, reliable solution when limited mobility prevents safe access on stairs. These travelling seat systems can accommodate either straight or curving stairways and are very common throughout Alberta.

Download the Bruno® Elan 3000 brochure (PDF) for straight stairways, or the CRE 2110 brochure (PDF) for curved stairways.

Porch Lifts

The RAM outdoor TrusT Lift™ is designed with your safety in mind. This code-compliant lift operates exceptionally well in cold temperatures due to its “zero-load start” design. With a 750lb capacity and a variety of platform sizes available, this accessibility lift can meet the needs of almost any wheelchair user.

Download the RAM TrusT Lift™ porch lift brochure (PDF).

Download important information on porch lift safety (PDF).

Watch a video demonstrating the features of

the RAM TrusT Lift™ (YouTube link).

Vertical Platform Lifts

When wheelchair access is a concern within the home, a VPL can be a cost-effective solution. Wheelchair elevators and vertical accessibility lifts can be retrofitted into an existing home, or can be part of your new home construction plans. These elevating devices can often accommodate 3 floors and operate using constant pressure controls.

Download the RAM TrusT Lift™ VPL brochure (PDF).

Vehicle Lifts

Bruno® offers a wide selection of vehicle lifts. If you need a scooter lift or a wheelchair lift we have the solution.

For more information on vehicle lifts, visit the Bruno® vehicle lifts website or contact MEDIchair® Calgary.